Urgent! WHMCS integration


I have a concrete5 website being created and I am using WHMCS for billing. Is there a way to integrate the two?



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MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi ChelseaItelya,

Without knowing much about the WHMCS platform, I cannot say for sure that it can be integrated, but it is likely that it could. Programming would be required to do this.
ChelseaItelya replied on at Permalink Reply
How come they cannot speak to each other?
madeforspace replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Chelsea

WHMCS offer this service already, you can see it here

Hope that helps
ChelseaItelya replied on at Permalink Reply
I have used this service, and actually getting this updated and we speak.

I'm not looking for the look of the website. I am looking for the front and to talk to the back end for lack of my better understanding.

I was told that it's unable to be integrated but use redirection unless I was to get a plugin or something made for that purpose.
BeliraJohn replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Chelsea,

I came across your post on Google and figured I'd sign up here at Concrete5 to offer my help. I have recently worked to integrate WHMCS very closely with our new website (including things like current signed in user session variables and an 'all in one' end-user experience).

If you could provide a little more information on what your end goal is, maybe I could offer you some specific pointers on getting the complete integration experience you need?