Url Rewriting or Rails-like routing

Is there a way to route URL's in a way that does not match the site structure in the sitemap? Without redirecting?

For example, I might want 3 different urls:


to all go to a product page with a block on it that is smart enough to take the last part of the url and filter that by category. i don't want to make 3 identical pages in concrete with the same block.

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internalfx replied on at Permalink Reply
create one "real" page and create the other two as external links in the sitemap. then point the external links to the internal page. You'll end up using the same page for all 3 links.

However I'm not sure how you would detect which link they clicked on...
fregas replied on at Permalink Reply
External links cause a redirect. I do not want that. The url needs to stay /products/television even if its going to /products/detail
internalfx replied on at Permalink Reply
Then unfortunately.......you will probably have little choice but to hack concrete5 core.
jordanlev replied on at Permalink Reply
I think the only way to do this is with rewrite rules in your htaccess file. Would be nice if the "Additional Paths" page property had a choice for this functionality, but it only does 301 redirects.
olliephillips replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm not certain of the context in which you are doing this but single pages might be the way.

For example if you could live with the path of catalogue/products/televisions etc, then a single page named catalogue, with a controller method of products would allow you pass the sub category as an argument so you serve your results dynamically.