v9 site stuck in maintenance mode

I recently started working with v9 of ConcreteCMS and for some reason the site is "stuck" in maintenance mode. I can visit /login and sign in as the admin and access the dashboard etc, but trying to get to the site as a public user just says "Coming back soon". I have tried the following:
- Under Dashboard>System & Settings>Permissions & Access>Maintenance Mode changed the option to "Disabled" and clicked "Save". The message says "Maintenance Mode turned off" but it is still enabled.
- Modified \application\config\generated_overrides\concrete.php to put an entry of 'maintenance_mode' => false,
- Cleared the cache in the admin
- Manually put a record in the config table in the database of maintenance_mode and set the value to 0
- Ran concrete5 c5:config -g set concrete.maintenance_mode false from the command line

None of the above steps had any effect. Anyone have any other ideas?

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enlil replied on at Permalink Reply
Check cpanel to be sure there's no caching enabled on your server. I've ran into this before where it seems settings wont change and that was the culprit! You may have put it into maintenance mode and now the setting is cached ?!
derekairdrie replied on at Permalink Reply
I managed to figure out what was causing this issue. I'm running Concrete using IIS on Windows, and the "Anonymous user identity" under Authentication needed to be set to the Application pool identity. So it was a permissions issue as PHP wasn't being executed using the application pool user that I was granting folder permissions for.