What is the best way to learn concrete5 completely?

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Hi All

I am new to c5 and i want to learn the flow completely and also the coding style completely so what is the best way to do it ?
Is there any ebook available that can provide each of the thing to learn it?

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myFullFlavour replied on at Permalink Reply
Hitting the documentation is probably the best place to start...

Try this:
ScottC replied on at Permalink Reply
I'd write an e-book,but i'd have to sell it. I could see it taking at least two weeks to write something decent :(
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savan replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi all

Thank to all of you for replying

As i saw in the developer part but it dont give the complete idea from the developing point of view so is there any resource available that can give me all the idea related to the coding point of view. Also i checked for the pdf but i think it is not avilable.
adamjohnson replied on at Permalink Reply
Here is a screencast on how to make a C5 theme in eight minutes:


Alternatively, you could use one of my Blank Concrete5 themes in the marketplace and get to know C5 via reverse engineering.

I also use the Concrete5 Dreamweaver extension a ton. Basically it has all of the snippets of code you could ever need when making a C5 theme. Remo's Codeblog.ch is awesome as well ashttp://www.c5cookbook.com . Hope this helps get you started.
Hkofoed replied on at Permalink Reply
As mentioned by 12345j, Remo is working on a concrete5 book. It's possible to pre-order the book on packt publishing and also download the book(as far as written)in pdf format.