Where is the active theme data stored in database?

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Hey there!
I am trying to figure out how doeas theme switching actually work in C5. I could not even find the actual database entry, which stores the currently active theme. Does anyone know how to find it? I tried searching the database for "theme" and "yogurt" (plain yogurt was set as the active theme), but none of the search results were relevant - or at least I did not recognize what I was looking for. Thanks in advance!

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adajad replied on at Permalink Reply
The themes are stored in table 'pagethemes' where they get a unique ptID.

ptID is then used to identify the theme in table 'collectionversions'.
szucslaszlo replied on at Permalink Reply
I see. So, if I understand you correctly ,there is no global "active theme" entry? When I activate a theme, it just sets the proper entry in CollectionVersions to the given value one-by-one?
adajad replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Yes, that is correct as far as I can tell. The fact it's activated on a per page basis, even though you activate the theme on the whole site from dashboard/pages/themes, is because you can activate a different theme on page level as well.
szucslaszlo replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you!
jero replied on at Permalink Reply
Somewhat late to the party, but it appears that the "active" theme is the theme associated with the home page. This value is pushed into any new page added to the site. When you switch themes, ALL pages are updated with the new value, including the home page, thus switching the default theme - and also removing any specific theme settings you may have had - hence the warning when you do it.