Whole site blank aftter turning off caching and unsuccesfully trying to update

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Hello kind people,

Today I was trying to fix an issue where the tooldbar was blank on some pages. I turned off caching and tried to update, but that too, lead to a blank page. After that my whole site is blank. The index, the login, everything. Inspector is empty, console is empty, only in the network tab do I see that the page returns a 500 error, internal server error. I am using a custom theme and I am running a 8.2 concrete version I believe.

The only thing I can think of doing is manually updating through CLI and FTP. The FTP is reachable currently. My site is: obs-despeurneus.nl.

If anyone can offer any suggestions I would be very grateful. As you can imagine this situation puts me in quite the pickle.

Best regards,


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Rowen Forman [12:46 AM]

Take your time. I will wait untill 6:30 PST to check in anyway, it's 00:45 in my timezone. Again, thank you so much

korvinszanto [3:02 AM]

@Rowen Forman Looks like your error log is located at `/www/error_log`, in there it's showing errors running out of memory in GD

korvinszanto [3:12 AM]

For some reason I can't see the src files in your update directory

I think that's probably the issue :stuck_out_tongue:

I bet once these files are accurate things will start working, I'm pulling a fresh 8.4.3 using `wget concrete5.org/latest.zip` and just unzipping in the updates directory (edited)

:+1: :beers: :+1: Looks like it's working well now @Rowen Forman, all I ended up doing is unzipping the new core in that updates directory, it seemed to update when I did that

I removed the debug mode config and you should be all set. You should reset the account password you emailed me so that I don't know it anymore