Youtube and Blog

Hi, I would like to be able to enter a youtube link when I create a Blog Entry. If a link has been entered (not required field) the youtube video should appear on the blog page.

Can anyone help me do this?


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mnakalay replied on at Permalink Reply
if you are using concrete5 legacy (5.6.x) you can use this add-on:

It will convert youtube links and many others to the corresponding videos in content blocks which is what the blogs use.

If you are using 5.7 I don't think there is a solution to that but I might be wrong
Parasek replied on at Permalink Reply
You can add Youtube block manually in "Edit mode".

The other option is to add Youtube video through Content block (you will need to install plugin for that).

But if you would like to have basic text input (where you paste youtube url) in you composer page (when adding/editting page) - you would also need to modify "Blog entry" template.