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Is concrete 5 built with an opensource framework like zend?


Is concrete 5 built with an opensource framework like zend?

Skin Dashboard

Not that I don't like the sleek look of the dashboard but lets say that someone wanted to skin the dashboard... How would "one" do this?

Making core changes outside of the core, A simple tutorial

Disclaimer: This tutorial assumes that the default included concrete5 jquery file is straight from jquery un-modified. In my testing I have not found any weird quirks, but your mileage my vary. If something doesn't work, turn off this feature by setting …

Hi, What is the code for the <title> of a website.

Hi I need to set up my website so that we get the title as "Home -" and changing for each page obviously. e.g. "Services -" What code do i need to put into my title tag to call the Page Name? Thanks

CSS & XHTML Validation Service errors

Hi, when i check CSS Validation Service i got three errors: div#ccm-overlay Parse Error opacity=70) div#ccm-overlay Property -moz-opacity doesn't exist : 0.7 div#ccm-overlay Property opacity doesn't exist in CSS level 2.1 but exists in …

color picker

has anyone developed a colour picker that works with their blocks in edit/add mode? I've been trying to use JQuery colorpicker, but I'm getting messed around with layers.

nice framework

I've been examining the C5 framework, and it looks very solid - nice, modern codebase, looks very well written, and everything appears to be conceptually sound. Very nice! I was wondering though - where's the object relational model? I don't see anythi…

Removing custom single_pages

Hey Guys, I figured out how to make my own single_pages from the discussions here, but how do I remove them if I change my mind? There's no delete option for the single pages under Pages/Themes in the dashboard, so I tried to delete them manually fr…

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