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TinyMCE - Table buttons

Hi all! How can i add "Table controls" button? In relation to : Thank you!

Page Type Icons

How do I add new Page Type icons to c5 without putting them in the /concrete/images/icons/page_types/ folder (so as to keep them out of the core for upgrade purposes)? I cant seem to find the answer anywhere.

Paste From Word

Is there a paste from word function that I can enable in the WYSIWYG. If so, how? Ive tried to paste from Word but it messes up the styles that I have set for that content block.

How to build new functionality?

So, I have an issue. I am very new to concrete5 and am still trying to get the hang of everything. I was wondering if anyone could help point me in the right direction. Here is a quick overview of what I am trying to accomplish. I want to build in the …

"Home"- Link in Main Navigation ?

Does anyone know a way to add a "Home" link on the main Navigation. After looking at it Im thinking I might have to build a custom Auto-nav Block. Any help on this subject would be much appreciated. Thanks Paul

addHeaderItem from within block

Stumped again, I should change my username to that. Anyways, instead of adding arbitrary javascript throughout my pages, I want to use the controller method addHeaderItem from within a block. I have tried a few different things, but I am posting her…

Page Title Customization

Hi, I'm hoping this is an easy answer. I want to customize the display of the tag to get rid of the :: thing. I see that this is pulling from /concrete/elements/header_required.php I made the change in there and it worked fine, but my understanding …

Block ID duplication

There is a behaviour I wasn't aware of for a while. It might be useful to know about it when you build your own block.. As mentioned in the documentation every table that is specified in the controller must have a column "bID" which is used to link the…

Redirect to Previous Page on Login

Right now when a user logs into my C5 site, they get directed to the dashboard rather than back to the page they were on. Is there an easy way to change this? I thought I saw something in the Forum here about that, but now I can't find it. Thanks!

Build Theme

Hei! the site is very beautiful. Could someone convertit to concrete5 and send to me? I dont understand css and need this template

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