Developing (v7+)

Youtube HD Block

OK so I took the Youtube block and tried to modify it to work with the HD viewer, but when I try and add it, it says installed but it never actually installs All I did was delete the db file, edit the view and change the icon, and change the controller…

Theme Question : DTD - Strict or Transitional?

Does it really matter? I'm working on setting up a theme and realized after getting all the css and html done that I was using strict. All the themes that I've looked through use transitional. It doesn't look like anything changes if I switch it o…

Comprehensive Gallery

Hi guys and gals, I apologise if this has been covered elsewhere, but I have searched and not found anything. Firstly, I'd like to commend the team on the effort you have made with Concrete5, it's simply awesome. Secondly I have a question. Does a gall…

Editing the default link

Hi, I been trying to create the website using concrete5 and i had choose one of the template but i wish to change the link of the name but it seem that i can't do so. is there anyway which can help me to rename those default link

Customize Theme CSS

What files are used to enable customizing the theme css. Say I want to change H1 color... /* customize_link_hover */ color: #66CC00; /* customize_link_hover */

Help with blocks

Can I get some help explaining the process to implement this block I want a block with this as the view [code] Testimonials [/code] So I want to build a basic block that simply holds some html and a editable html region. h…

How to make an image-based nav out of an image map/slices?

Hi, Glad to be part of the concrete5 community! I am new to this and used to making sites in Dreamweaver. I am trying to make my own theme for my site's custom look. I see there is a lot of documentation on how to do that. One thing that was not covere…

Alias Block Names

Scenario: One Core Block with Many Templates (Main Block that we call highlight. It allows us to input header text, photo, description, link. This could be used for highlight areas on the front page, a staff listing page, side highlights and the layou…

Disable Update notification in Dashboard?

Is there a way to disable the update notification of a new c5 in the Dashboard? I don't want to be inundated with support tickets from my clients because they see a notice when they login.

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