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Manually Uploading Files

Is there a way that I can manually upload files. I have larger files to upload and I can't seem to do it correctly in the File Manager. They upload, but do not create thumbnails. I have tried creating thumbnails manually and uploading them to the thumb…

I would like this pagetype to choose from...

Hi I would like to have the chance to easyly manipulate the footer. Maybe with new pagetypes that looks like the attached pictures. Notice: Bottom area. Olaf

Problems with "new" templates

Hi I have problems with a couple of "new" (5.3) themes. I downloaded them and put the files in the /themes directory (not /concrete/themes). Some themes (e.g. "Dreamy", "Orange Sunset", "Neuphoric", "Lazy Days" - as it seems all of the themes which …

Manage a list of reseller.. Is it possible ?

Hi everybody, I'have a client that want to manage a very simple list of reseller. The client have a 5 category of product and for each a list of reseller. For the usability i imagine that in the administartion panel, each reseller have 5 check-box to…

autonav template help

Hi, I'm trying to add jquery accordion in the navigation and I got most of the stuff down, just need to change the autonav template so i'll have: [code] category1 title title title category2 …

How to add folders?

i was wondering how i can add folders to concrete like images, music, videos, etc

Advanced Permissions

Hi, I wonder if there's anyone out there who's worked with advanced permissions in c5? I'm developing a site that will be used by someone else and I need to restrict what they can do in respect of editing. For instance, I need to lock the autonav…

Broken link (404) at Dev Site - Item 1

Where the link resides in item 1: actual 404 page landing by link in item one:


how do you go about removing C5 from the meta tags?

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