Developing (v7+)

Contact form

I use the Form-block (not External) as a contact block and it works great, despite that it's possible to leave the form empty and click Submit how many times you want, so my "register" is full of empty messages. I've tried to implement a PHP-script to pre…

displaying page author

Based on the API docs, I'd expect within my Page Type template to be able to do something like: [code] [/code] Where am I going wrong?

Creating a Blog

So I'm looking to create a blog on my personal site. I'd like to have the prototypical format of having a main page that has recent posts... The title of the post linking to the full post, and the first chunk of the post following. So far it seems the…

Hide Page

Hi, Is there anyone that know how I can hide pages in the sitemap? Such that I don't have to delete the page and create it from scratch when I need it. /michael

Repeatable Area Style?

Hello, First of all, C5 is absolutely great and I really enjoy working with it. One question though: Let's say there's a sidebar within a HTML template and every piece of content by default gets the same styling, in this case a div with a small red …

page structures?

i want to make mutli language site on front end.There is country flags above(header). while one of flags clicked, relevant pages will be displayed. so how i have to structe my sitemap? is there any experience? ..

Determine if user is logged in

I was looking through the API to see if there is a way to test to see if a user is logged in - but I couldn't come up with anything. does anyone know of a way to determine this? I would like to have a "Log In" link if the user isn't alreay logged in, but …

some advice on building a product catalog

hi, i would like some advice on how to implement the following features: - My site is displaying a catalog of products that fall under some categories - I want to provide some king of 'product manage tool' to be able to add new products (basically a p…

AJAX API Access?

Does C5 have an AJAX API or library that could be opened up for customizing dashboard and block functionality? I'm currently developing and extending blocks to use it and would hate to be wasting time if something is already in place. Thanks, Eric

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