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Edit Page issue

Hi, I have a page where I have a header image, and I then have a div which has some text placed on top of the image. This displays fine. However, if I want to edit the text I cannot because when you try to select it the mouse always goes over the image…

Using PHP in a content block?

Hi guys, I've got a PHP script that will display a random quote (listed in an array) each time the page it visited/refreshed. However, I can't seem to figure out how to implement this code within a content block, as the HTML editor treats it as HTML co…

linking image to internal page

If I add an image block to a page, there's a field for a link URL. For whatever reason the block doesn't let you select an internal link. I don't want to use an absolute path. What is the proper syntax to put here to go to a local page? I've tried just…

Add World Map...w/pop-up info

I have created a map in Fireworks with active link regions that pop-up an info box using jscript. Any recommendations on a way to add a map to the content block for instance and create pop-ups for info? Kinda like we have here in the posts section of th…

Have a drop down menu selection populate a search field

Hi, I'm redesigning a site that has a drop down menu that is full of options that return results of all pages below it tagged with the matching term. I want to replicate this by using the search feature in Concrete5. The drop down menu list is essen…

images in auto_nav

In auto_nav, is it possible to use images as page links instead of text?


Where can I get more themes to download, and where can I get information on how to instal or edit theme to work, I did look at the video on the concrete site but the qulity bad, need text help file? Can any one please help Thanks

custom template

How do I create custom template for a block? Thanks

c5 Noob Vs Tricky Page Layout

What's the best way to content manage a page like this in c5: So allowing the web editor to easily add new companies to that long list which is made up of floating divs and lots of spans and classe…

Drop Down Menu

Hi All Just wanted to know if there is a way we can create drop down menus in auto_nav. i.e. Menu's, Sub Menu's and so on. If there is a block or something like this already available please point me into the right direction. Thanks in advance

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