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Index Search Engine stuck

Hey Guys, anyone run into the problem where the "Index Search Engine" task in the maintenance area will get stuck and spin perpetually? Is there any way to restart it?

Cost to have you install C5 on my server?

I have a site that I am developing and would like to use C5 as the CMS for it. My client is tied to their host - so I can't move the site to your hosting facility unfortunately. But I would be willing to pay for support to have C5 installed on their s…

executing some code before anything else runs

Hi, I'm writing a cart for a customer and the way this particular payment gateway works (DPS - New Zealand) I need to send them a session id and then when the transaction is approved they reply with that session id and I initialize the session based on th…

Enable Pretty URLs in blocks for "Insert Link to Page"

My front-end URLs were showing up like this: index.php?cID=123 ... even when pretty URL's were enabled. I was having trouble getting preg_ replace_ callback to work. Does anyone else have a better (faster performance) solution for this? Or did I overlo…

Paste From Word

How do you add this function into TinyMCE. I am using the newest version of Concrete by the way

Adding Single Pages to Dashboard?

Hey all, I'm gearing up for a project that's going to need some good'ole fashioned form-based data entry. These forms need to be integrated into the dashboard. The issue is, while I can add Single Pages to the public side, adding 'dashboard/' to the…


I'm an entry level web developer who knows html, css, and a bit of OOP php. I want to use concrete 5 for my cms. I also want to learn php and code better. Is there any advice for a entry level web developer like me on how to learn php better?

save($data) not creating columns in table

I am trying to save information to the blocks table. I haven't been able to find any documentation on this and so I need some help. I was assuming the following [code] function save($data) { $args['gallery'] = "GALLERY TEST"; parent::save($args); }[…

Delete all users

Hi! I've got a site with more than 4000 users and I want to delete them all (except from the admin user). Surely I nedd some php code but could something like this work? [code] [/code] Thanks!

Create searchable block

I've built a few blocks in the meanwhile and some of them contain content that users should find. Meaning lucene should index that stuff too. Problem is however, there's this code that limits everything to the content block in indexed_search.php …

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