Developing (v7+)

some advice on building a product catalog

hi, i would like some advice on how to implement the following features: - My site is displaying a catalog of products that fall under some categories - I want to provide some king of 'product manage tool' to be able to add new products (basically a p…

AJAX API Access?

Does C5 have an AJAX API or library that could be opened up for customizing dashboard and block functionality? I'm currently developing and extending blocks to use it and would hate to be wasting time if something is already in place. Thanks, Eric

Advanced Permisions Information

Can we get a primer or some documentation on the Advanced Permissions control? Some items that would be helpful: - restricting an area to a certain number of blocks (this area can only have 1 block, after that no more can be added) - restricting an …

API Documentation

Hey there folks, I'm getting deeper into concrete5 and developing own blocks. But I am pretty overwhelmed by the vast possibilities the c5 API has. Not only that it is little to not documented, but what I am sorely missing is at least a search function…

Content Blocks Limitations

Is there anyway to let the user edit a content block and not allow them to add another content block under it. For instance right now it always says "Add to {name of block}" in edit mode.

W3C Valid Pages - Or as close as we can get.

I am on my second C5 site here (very happy), and In effort to have as valid of a document/page as possible I am running into an issue that is two-fold. 1. HTML Formatting Tags in the head of the document 2. CSS tags in the body (primarily the @import/…

Changing Page Types

I only seem to be able to select a Left Nav Bar or Full Width page type on my pages. When selecting right sidebar or multiple body items page types it does not seem to change the page type to either of those types. What am I missing. I'm using the gr…

Is it possible to install C5 in already made sites?

Hey guys, Is that possible? I mean, I already have a website where I would like to add fields to edit, but I don´t know if it is possible or if it is completely necessary to use the templates forms.

Rename concrete/ folder and remove login/restrict?

Hi guys, Lets imagine has concrete installed on root dir, for example. Now, if you take a look at the source-code of the site you will see mention of /concrete/themes/etc... Is it any possible to allow us d…

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