Developing (v7+)


Has anyone gotten this error on the zoom image ad on? Fatal error: Call to undefined method FormHelper::select() in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/concrete/blocks/zoom_image/form.php on line 23 Is there any way to fix this?

sign in and bypass the dashboard

Is it possible to set it up so that once you sign in, you go directly to the in context editing mode without viewing the dash board? thanks.

add login and register pages to autonav

I must be missing something really basic here, but I can't make the login and register pages to show in the autonav (these pages are single pages and they show when you click on "show system pages" in the sitemap). Any ideas on how to do this?

2 menu's

Is there a way to make a main menu for navigation and a sub menu for navigation? If so how?

Changing the Z-Index of the Edit Bar / Overlays

I'm just beginning tweaking an existing template for use with Concrete, so I apologize for the newbie-ness. The template I'm using has absolutely positioned elements that overlay other elements - some items have large z-index values (3000 / 4000). W…

Advanced permissions

Is there any way to turn off the "move" in advanced permissions also is there any way to turn off "add to (block)" in advance permissions? I just want the client to edit the content. I do not want them moving the content or adding new blocks.

Search block issue

I'm having some display issues with the search block in IE7 and 6. I have removed the search tag and its looking lovely on all browsers except IE where it seems to add a shed load of padding above the search block (see image attached mac re-constructio…

Using custom templates when calling block from php

Hey ppl, I'm building my first site in C5 and need some help with some code. I'm calling the block autonav directly from the template-file (in the .php-file) with the following code: [code] $bt = BlockType::getByHandle('autonav'); $bt->controller…

Migration to IIS server

I had my site working on Windows XP and Apache. When I decided to move the site to my ISP they run WIndows with IIS6. I get the error: Concrete cannot parse the PATH_INFO or ORIG_PATH_INFO information provided by your server. ORIG_PATH_INFO = /Index.p…

Modifying Auto-Nav

Hi guys. Now that i got concrete5 working quite well i would like to customize my auto-nav. I made a custom template, but problem is, that between two pages of my nav there should be a line with problem is, that this doesn't work with auto-nav.. How d…

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