Developing (v7+)

lightbox works only 6 hours, - javascript problem?

I have an image in a content block and have linked it (with link-tool) to a lightbox. On the live site it works 6 hours like the js script cache. After 6 hours, the image shows in a blank new browser window. On the dev site, where all caches are turned o…

Grid Layout in Global Area

Likely a beginner question. I am creating a site with several page layouts. I want a contact form which consists of two columns to show just above the footer on every page. Imagine the left column showing a map with the customer's location and the righ…

v8.4.* - alternative for 'on_page_view' event without pages

I use a 'on_page_view' event with pages. If I want to do the same but without loading pages, i.e. showing data straight from the DB, I guess I can do that with routes and view rendering, In that case is there an event which would be similar to loading a p…

Websocket support

Hi, anyone know if it is possible to create a websocket endpoint in concrete5?

The Form block's Image/Data upload

Hi, I am using 8.5.5RC1 version. I just noticed that uploaded files with the form block (anwer type Image/File) saves all the files twice if you navigate a folder for these files. Files goes both to File Manager first level AND into selected folder. …

Authentication Types : Google

Hi, I am trying to setup the Google Authentication type in Concrete, however there is very little documentation on this that I can find, is anyone please able to give me a steer, thanks in advance.

app issues

Hi can anyone maybe point me in the right direction, I recently got a developer of the freelancer website to build me an app for a friend trying to make a go at being involved in app development as I had good success with WordPress websites, the app was w…

Booking form

My website is working great but my booking form is not working it has worked before when I first started but now its not working and I can't figure out why

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