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Invisible reCaptcha

Hi, Can we implement invisible re-captcha for a contact form? I found only one, but that package is broken. Please, it would be helpful, if you can suggest me any add-on available for invisible re-captcha. Thank you.

getThemeAreaClasses() for areas with any name

I need to have a choice of classes for areas available. In pagetheme.php I have: [code] public function getThemeAreaClasses() { $classes = array(); for ($i=1; $i < 99; $i++) { $classes['Area '.$i] = array('small-blog-en…

Move/Duplicate 5.6 site before update

Hi, I have been tasked with updating 5.6 sites to 5.7 ... 5.8.4. All of my C5 experience is in C5.7+. :-( To complicate things, the current site has been mangled into running on nginx with unknown mods and way too many simlinks. What has worked for…

Different CSS files being delivered by getStylesheet()

V8.4.0 I'm likely missing something simple but I have two pages, same theme, pagetype and template, all caching is off in the Dash as it's a dev site currently yet I'm getting two very different css tags being output which makes the pages look differen…

Cache methods in 5.8

Hi All Can't I use these codes in 5.8: [code] Cache::delete($cached_block_pro, false); Cache::get($cached_block_pro, false); Cache::set($cached_block_pro, false, $Items); [/code] Also global $c won't work in 5.8 ?? Rony

Legacy Form qsID Error

Hi, I have created a Contact Form using Legacy Form. My form data are getting submitted, as I can see check that in reports, also I am receiving the successful submission mail. But It is showing - [code] Oops, something is wrong with the form you …

Save cache in config

Hi All In 5.6 I can use the below code: [code] Config::save('ENABLE_CACHE', 0); [/code] But in 5.8, how do I do that? Rony

SelectAttributeTypeOption not recognized by C5

Hello All I'm trying to create an advanced autonav block package & written this code into package controller. Concrete5 doesn't recognize "SelectAttributeTypeOption". Any idea why? Am I doing anything wrong? [code] use Concrete\Core\Entity\Attribute…

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