Legacy Upgrades?

Just got contacted by a client I did a site for many, many years ago.

It's currently on

Can I safely just download the most recent update and install that?

I'm assuming I need to make incremental updates — anyone have a recommendation on which ones to leapfrog to current?

Like, would 5.7 to 5.8 to 6.0 to 6.5 to 7.0 to 8.0 work? Or straight from to 6.0 to 7.0 to 8.0? Or what would you recommend?

Any advice or links to resources appreciated!!!

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Thank you! :)
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Please note ... this line "built for both 5.6 and earlier" should read "built for"
If you visit the migration addon page at
You will see the required package has been updated to read "require concrete5 legacy and increment package version"
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Thank you. Now here's hoping I can figure out what to DO with that without borking everything completely. :/

(Not a developer. Just a casual user. :P )
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So how do I get from the current version TO 5.6.4?? (sigh) This feels hopeless. I should just port it over to Wordpress, shouldn't I? Or is this actually possible to do?
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Depends on what you want.

The best path here would be to start with where you want to be. Take a moment to go setup a trial (http://concrete5.org/trial). You'll get a chance to play with the in-context editing experience as it exists in version 8 today. If that feels compelling, you might want to take a glance at what we're doing with version 9 (which yes has a graceful upgrade) over on github:

It's always important to know where you want to be, before you start any journey. If you look at modern concrete5 and think "yes, this is the in-context editing experience this client is going to benefit from and enjoy," great! If you look at it and think "really this client just needs a blog with a few about pages and they're not going to need anything more" - well sounds like you know where you want to be. ;)

Its been...geesh, over 5 years?... it's been a while since your client had that site built, so it's really very fair to treat this as a rebuild opportunity where you might modernize what they're doing in any number of ways.

Technically, in terms of upgrading these legacy sites there's a few general approaches. If it's a smaller site and the content is pretty organic (changes in type from page to page) it's often easiest to simply build a new modern concrete5 site and cut and paste content over manually. If there's a large section of structured content (eg: a huge blog or press release section) there's an export/import process that uses XML which is linked to from the url someone else posted above.

Last but not least, there's some bright folks in Germany who have come up with a magic process for this legacy update and you should absolutely reach out to them:
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Thank you!!

And honestly, adding events to the calendar is the bulk of the content changes to the site. Aside from that, nothing really changes (or needs to) on a regular basis.

I think the motivation for upgrading is simply to keep that function/add-on working and to keep the site compatible with the current version of PHP running on the host server. Otherwise, no need to change anything, really.
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@YDSsite I have replied to your PM with the info you requested..