Members Page and Directory Page the same

I am looking for an explanation as to why in the Site Map I have 2 separate pages that are linked as the same page (when they are not actually linked), one for "Members" (where members go to change password, add profile picture, etc) and another one for "Directory" where all the members appear on the page in list form.

My big Issues here are that my Members are not able to save their profile pictures for some reason (they drag it to the box and check the green check mark, but it wont save- only the Super Admin can add their pictures by selecting them from the SuperAdmin's Computer folders- not the site's File Manager). So, I added a page under "Members" Navigation where I put a form so a Member can send me a profile picture directly for me to add manually if they want.

I Do NOT want other members seeing the Directory List, so that particular page I set the Permissions to Admin Only- This has somehow caused an issue because of the "Directory Page" and the "Members" Page being linked as the SAME Page even though they are not in the Site Map and do not have a mark showing either of them being a "duplicate" either.

Now I have to deny access for members to handle their Profile Account until I can get the Directory Page permission to Admin Only while Members Permission to the individual Member.

I do not want to delete or rename either of them without some sound advice here.

Any Documentation on why this is an issue would be greatly appreciated.

I am attaching a view of the Site Map that Includes the System Pages.
"Search" and "Members" are part of the Main Navigation on the Website. (Noticing that the Pages under the "tool box" are also the same pages as under "Members" in the User's Navi.

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hutman replied on at Permalink Reply
The "Members" and "My Account" pages are not the same page. When you have "Enable public profiles." turned on in your Dashboard -> System & Settings -> Public Profiles then the "Members" page shows up on the front end, this page is really just a "placeholder" page for the Members menu and redirects to the Directory page so users can find your members, if you do not want this feature, turn that option off.

If you leave the "Show the account menu when logged in." feature on in that same screen, the users will still be able to access their profile.

The My Account page is the one where people go to edit their own information. And there is an acknowledged (and fixed) bug in GitHub for the issue you are having with your users not being able to update their avatar -
w2f replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
hello hutman. thank you SO much for replying so quickly.

I do have the "Show Account Menu when Logged in" ticked, but no menu tab/page access shows up for the member to access it. (see attached screen shot). I am using a Log In Block so I don't know if that's an over riding issue or not- From the Log In Block (Webli Log In/User Info) the Users Name appears but does not link to the edit profile options.

Also, thanks so much for the link to the Profile Image issue- but I am not sure what code goes where...(it's a bit beyond my skill level making sense of it from this page: (I assume this is where the fix is?) If I knew exactly what to "cut and paste" "where"... I could handle that, otherwise I'm not sure what all I am looking at. ( )
hutman replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
If you don't see the login box like the attached image, it is probably being hidden by the edit bar and you might add something like this into your CSS to re-position it

#ccm-account-menu { top: 200px !important; }

As for the avatar fix, if you are not confident in applying that commit from GitHub to your files then you will need to wait for the next release for the fix, or hire a developer to apply it for you. I could do it for you, but I will need FTP or SSH access to the site (do not post that publicly in this thread).