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Express Data Documentation

As version 8 is new, I'm sure documentation is under way. One thing I am hoping to see is how to add pre-defined express data as part of a package. Data that is created upon package install. For example, how to programmatically add data objects with at…

stufe a pellet

Tecnico specializzato offre installazione e vendita di stufe e caldaie a pallet, stufe idroniche. Consulenza senza impegno e preventivo fatto in giornata . Cortesia,professionalita ed esperienza al vostro servizio.


Hello I am reading certain page from documentation for concrete5 .....OK So how do I know which version of concrete5 it is ? Is it concrete5.6 or concrete5.7?

turis fratyr download

Hello! my world ! pizeee)))) htahks !!)))

Google MAPS in Concrete since July 2016

HI almost everyone has the problem with Google Maps right now. When you are use Concrete then you have the possibility for a Google API Key integration. But even then you will get an error (location not found). That is because you have activated t…

Google Translation in new Concrete without Blocks for newbies

OK in the new Concrete there is no AddOn for integration of Google Translate to your page Well you don't need it. Just paste the Code in a HTML block and voila you have it :-) [code] Google TRanslate: function googleTranslateElementInit() { …

Deprecated code reference list

A new doc is up in the appendix section: It's not complete, but it might be a help to write future-proof code. If you have additions or comments, please commen…

URL::to() with multilingual

Hi! Is there a method in concrete5 for generating URLdepending on the current language? If it english(/en) then URL::to('/home') must return '/en/home'

I need answer in simple words - providesAsset VS requireAsset

providesAsset is.... requireAsset... What is my assest (What i added) Vs C5 build in assets. This assets always added (in edit and in the "live" site?). What url i should write for my assets. For example: i want to add this https://mixitup.kunka…

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