Export a Spreadsheet to HTML and pasting to an HTML Block

I have been trying to export a Google Docs Spreadsheet (just one tab/sheet) to an HTML page (using FireFox), and then doing a file->save page as->web page, html only

After I have it saved I open the file with notepad or notepad++ and copy the entire html code.

Then when at my concrete5 website while in edit mode I left click and do an "add block" and select the HTML block type and then PASTE the HTML code.

I like using Google Docs because you can set your column widths based on pixels, so If I know that I have 800 pixel width to work with and I do not want the viewer to scroll left to see cells that are not displaying, I can divide the 800 pixels over the columns I have (so 4 columns would each be 200 pixels wide making 800pixels.)

The colors, underlining, bolding, and all the other attributes seem to come over well but Text Wrap is the real issue. The text will not wrap in the cell (note this issue is specific to Google Docs and the html code it produces and Concrete5). I can view the page in FireFox just fine, (text wrap works) but once you paste it as a an html block in concrete5 text wrap does not work.

****(while trying to figure this out, it seems as thought the above is now working)**** See the file "ISSUE Concrete HTML Block View.jpg" which is a snap shot of the problem prior to it starting to work

but if you want to do this from Excel or OO then read on.

I needed this to work so I attempted to come up with a work around.
I could embed the google doc, but I am not sure how search engines handle embedded HTML from a google doc. (maybe someone can shed some light on this and tell me that search engines will find the embedded info and that the embedded content will still drive people to my site.
I did a Download as (while in google docs) and selected Excel (I did the same with open office), and selected the open option and once viewing it in the program I saved it as an excel doc also tried an OO or Open office doc. Once I did this I did a save as or export to HTML or XHTML (with OO I had the best results with XHTML format) with Excel 2007 I did a Save as->HTML (but then specifically selected "selection sheet" (NOT "entire workbook") (the idea is to be sure that the saved file is one file and not many files).

The best results were with Excel using the method I just described. The reason I say it provided the best results is that it not only did the wrapping correctly, it also wrapped the words at the exact same spot that google docs did (so they looked the same)

You can view the different results by looking at the attachments. (I uploaded the HTML for each JPG also)

one other note:
When in excel and doing a save, I did "entire workbook" during my test, and then I pasted the code to concrete5 and after doing so I could not access that page any longer. I had to delete that page and start over. "Entire Workbook" is the default for excel and this means you will have a main html file but it looks for a folder with a similar name, and I did not realize that at the time, so the html code was looking for info that it did not have access to and this is what caused the problem.

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shadowcomputers replied on at Permalink Reply
You could export the table as CSV and use the import process on the tables add-on (http://www.concrete5.org/marketplace/addons/tables/)

I have not used this add-on, but it might help.
sschildbach replied on at Permalink Reply
I have this block and this is an ok solution except when you have hyperlinks in the tables. .csv files strip the hyperlinks. does anyone know a solution to maintaining the hyperlinks in a .csv file?