Tutorial about typography.css

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I got a few questions about typography.css. Not everyone knows why it's there and how handy it can be.

I wrote a little tutorial about it, you can find it here:


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katz515 replied on at Permalink Reply
I don't have to say it.

But I should repeat this for newbies.

Remo is the man of concrete5~~!
Remo replied on at Permalink Reply
sorry! server went down right after I published the tutorial..

The only server I'm not managing on my own..

[UPDATE]: working again..
andrew replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for sharing this. Will try and find a place to link to it in the hosted documentation.
Remo replied on at Permalink Reply
Appreciate it!

If there's anything you're missing, let me know! I'll take any feedback to improve my tutorials, whether it is about my English skills or missing things...
AlbertPotato replied on at Permalink Reply
The eCommerce add-on's tiny_mce seems to ignore classes in typography.css. Styles for h1, h2, etc seem to work, but my classes in typography.css aren't showing up in the Styles select menu when I edit the description of a product. They are showing up in normal Content block editors though. Anybody know how to get them to work with eCommerce?

I've cleared cache via the dashboard and in my browser.
synlag replied on at Permalink Reply
AlbertPotato, this seems like a bug, i have to check if this issue occurs for other dashboard based sites (like blog postings) that use tiny mce too.

Remo, thx for sharing this!

Andrew, you could grab the stuff with InCurl Package. I'm thinking about to do this for the wiki on concrete5.info (rebuild)
AlbertPotato replied on at Permalink Reply
synlag, I agree that it seems to be a bug but will leave that call up to people more familiar with the code base.

Andrew, I'd love to know a workaround if you have one rather than waiting for the next release of eCommerce.
PF4Public replied on at Permalink Reply
Simple research shows, which styles c5 understands natively, without showing "custom css" button. Hoping, this is what some people search in this topic.

/**     * Parses the style declaration found in the stylesheet to return the type of editable style
   private function getEditableStyleType($value) {
      // thx yamanoi
      if (preg_match('/^\s*font\s*:/',$value)) {
         return PageThemeEditableStyle::TSTYPE_FONT;
      if (preg_match('/^\s*([a-z]+-)*color\s*:/',$value)) {
         return PageThemeEditableStyle::TSTYPE_COLOR;
      return PageThemeEditableStyle::TSTYPE_CUSTOM;