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Is there a Concrete5 User Guide available that will explain to a novice user (someone who is not a developer, programmer, designer etc. - someone who knows nothing about PHP, HTML, Jscript, in other words they don't know anything about coding) how to create, administer and manage a Concrete5 web site? A resource which provides the following:
- an over-all view of Concrete5 and the way in which the various components fit together to produce a Concrete5 web site
- how to get things done in a Concrete5 web site without having to resort to locating and opening the correct files on the back-end to add lines of code just to get some feature or function to work on the site
- how to manage/administer a Concrete5 web site using the features and components native to Concrete5 without having to create my own themes or add any custom code
- simply and adequately explain at an in depth level how to use Concrete5 and its various built-in and pre-existing components
- the basic building blocks of a Concrete5 web site without getting into PHP, CSS and all the other coding details

Thank you.

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thephilm replied on at Permalink Reply
A good starting point is:

There is a book, but if you are looking for a free document then there was a beginners guide to editing that you can download from:

- Phil