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Concrete5 on AWS EC2 - Current Tutorial, Steps Not Working

Hi, As the title states, client is looking to have Concrete5 (newest version, as of June 2021) installed on EC2. So far, a few of the steps in the tutorial (linked below) aren't working (install mysql-server, install php-mcrypt) but I found workarounds…


I am getting a large number of page load failures (404). When this happens php is still running, and the server is still responding, I know this because I have tried loading an static html page, and a php page that returns the phpinfo and both worked. …

Adding an ads.txt File to C5 website

I recently was reapproved to run ads through my site with AdSense, they are requesting I upload an ads.text file to the root level domain of site. I downloaded the file which is just a notepad file with, my AdSense pub number and a couple of…

.htaccess with iis

I am running a c5 site on IIS and it has a default page of index.php, do I still need this line RewriteRule ^(.*)$ index.php/$1 [L] in the .htaccess file?

Community Connection Not Working At All

Hi there! I recently set up concrete5 and I'm wanting to connect my site to the community so that I can install themes. I go to "Extend" and then it tells me on the connect page to sign in. I sign in, and it loads a page with a thin little window th…

Best way to create a staging site?

Hi, I am helping a small business update their site, which is several versions out of date. Their existing theme won't work with the latest version of Concrete, so it looks like this is going to be a fairly substantial overhaul. I'm new to Concrete…

.htaccess is used via Helicon Ape

Does anyone have any experience of using Helicon Ape? I am having some intermittent issues and the host site has suggested asking the question.

Intermittent 404

We have recently moved a site onto a new host and now are occasionally (2 or 3 times a day) getting a 404 error when accessing the site (admin or user). Tech support are saying that this is the only php site they have running that is causing problems, …

Internal Server Error with very old version

Hi! Im getting http error 500 with my quite old concrete5 site. Im not even sure which version this is but i can see via FTP that some files are last edited in 2016... :O So, its obvious it needs to be updated but really, where do i even start?

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