2nd login not working, pw reset not working

Hi all -

Strange issue. I have installed Concrete 5 to my site twice now. I enter my credentials at install, and the site lets me edit.

However, once I get automatically logged out, I cannot use those credentials to log back in. I have tried using the email address I entered, the user name from my host, anything I can think of. The first time, I thought I had neglected to save the right password. This time, I'm positive I'm using the "right" credentials.

Even stranger, when I reset the password, I do not get a reset email at the email address I entered the first time I logged in. Again, I was very careful about this the second go-round, so I'm pretty positive this is the right email address.

Any ideas? Thanks!


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hutman replied on at Permalink Reply
1) When you first setup your site the username you are given is "admin" so that would be the username you need to use to login going forward unless you turned on the setting to login with email address. - Depending on your host the emails might not be sending successfully from the Password Reset form.
2) You can go into your database using phpMyAdmin or something similar and look at the username and email address for the user in the Users table.
ob7dev replied on at Permalink Reply
Taking into account what hutman said about emails not sending, unless you've configured concrete5 to use an SMTP relay for sending out emails, a lot of times mail sent out the basic way will get blocked as spam. It has nothing to do with Concrete5, but has to do with stricter mail servers in dealing with spam. You may try checking your spam folder, and in the future its best to provide concrete5 with smtp relay credentials to ensure the emails get to where they are suppose to be going.
hartmatthews replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks so much, guys! "Admin" did it. You just saved me the 3 hours I had invested in redesign.