2nd Time trying to Install and Connect Concrete5 - 2nd Failure

I don't get how anybody can get this CMS to work at all.

First Attempt: Uploaded all the install files via FTP etc, followed all protocols and instructions to the "T" - DUD! couldn't access additional themes etc via the community - said my site wan't connected, couldn't successfully log in etc.

Second Attempt: Used Hostgator's one click install.... same stupid result, with massive CSS bugs as well.

With performance like this: I prefer all the update bugs of Wordpress
<barf>threw up in my mouth when typing that</barf>

I am sure I could use this CS with only the pre-installed themes: but what the hell fun is that!?

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mesuva replied on at Permalink Reply
Your screenshots look like version 5.6 - why aren't you starting with the latest version?
BCW replied on at Permalink Reply
I did the first time, when nothing worked. My current, slightly sh¡t, webhosting only has a script for installing concrete5 Version
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
There were some other forum posts with issues connecting to the community/marketplace in the last week. Perhaps you just had unfortunate timing while concrete5.org had problems.

As far as versions go, while the latest and shiniest can be good, if you have a limited host account, 5.6.x can be an easier choice to get started with. Its a fraction of the size of 5.7+ and requires less resources. The disadvantage is that any issues are less likely to get attention from the core team, so issues with community connection may not be resolved quickly.

Looking at your screenshots, it looks like you have a successful install, but the problem arose later in connecting to the community and marketplace. You can (and many do) leave a site unconnected and install packages and themes manually.

If it is your first c5 site, its usually best to not install anything for a while and learn your way round what you already have with the sample content. Then, once you have learned your way round, you will have a clearer idea of what addons & theme you will need.
BCW replied on at Permalink Reply 2 Attachments
Learning the ropes and playing with default content is not an excuse or solution for the interface, connectivity, etc not working as it should.

I just removed all the failed projects from my concrete5 account. I removed the test subdomain, and wiped all files of said domain.

I then created a new 'test2' subdomain, ran the webhost's script to install concrete5 Version under said directory. Once I came to the dashboard, and was cued to 'connect' my site to concrete5.org..... check out the screenshot. Same sh¡t, different day

The project does now appear on my Concrete5 account, but whoopty-doo. For sh¡ts and giggles, I am going to try again to connect in this crap form/iframe thing..... Nothing

Now I reload my test2 site - I go to the dashboard - click on themes - 'more' themes - I am cued to connect the site, which I had already done and is visible in my projects. But I connect again anyways.... now there are 2 identical projects listed.