403 forbidden instead of login (index.php) page

Hi everybody.

I have installed Concrete 5 on a presently unused subdomain. I don't know if it installed properly, only on trying to login to the dashboard, I get a 403 error.

usually you are given the option to log in.

Can anybody give me an idea of what can be done about this?

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concrete5russia replied on at Permalink Reply
And what about main page? is it work? and try to visit login page - index.php/login
Gemma2 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Concrete 5 Russia

Unfortunately I get a 404 for just about anything else I try.
BOLVERIN replied on at Permalink Reply
maybe not enabled mod_rewrite?
Gemma2 replied on at Permalink Reply
Thankyou Bolvern
may I first ask what a mod_rewrite is, and why is it that this should go wrong on a new installation?

Where would I find a mod_rewrite, and is it something I need to check a box or is more programming involved? Perhaps next time you could be a little clearer about what you are describing, these things are not immediately apparent to an outsider like me.
Gemma2 replied on at Permalink Reply
An answer to this problem would be appreciated - but is not now wholly essential. I am now working from another CMS structure what with all the silly problems with Concrete 5. I am sure there is a simple box I need to click - the problem for the newbie is where to find it. Given that I can't get to the dashboard hampers things a little, too.
Gemma2 replied on at Permalink Reply
Okay, let's forget all about this. I haven't gotten anywhere with the vague answers I got about this problem. I have uninstalled Concrete 5 and am now using a different CMS that is much more user-friendly.

Thanks for the help you did give. As you can see, when people need help, they need help. Help would have helped here too.