5.3 upgrade on IIS

FYI, I'm testing this on a IIS 6 box which was running 5.2.1 with no problems. The upgrade seems to have hurt it a fair bit.
-Can't edit pages even though they appear editable
-Sitemap doesn't show
-can't edit images from the file manger
-can't add files to file manager
-Login box for Marketplace doesn't show up

There are probably more. Not sure why it fell apart, my Windows2003/Apache upgrade went flawlessly.

I will try a clean install later to see if I get the same result.

Not a huge deal for me as I'm just using this install as a test, but it may be an issue for others?

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chunksmurray replied on at Permalink Reply
I had to enable caching (Sitewide Settings -> Debug), then update it and it all works brilliantly.
kutis replied on at Permalink Reply
i'm having the same problem. but i'm on linux box. and i can't seem to enable the caching.. everytime i enabled it and hit save.. it goes back to disable..

any pointers?

edit: okay, it suddenly works.. still unable to enable the cache though.. is concrete5 need to be enabled by the team in the back end? i smell conspiracy -.-
DTW replied on at Permalink Reply
I am experiencing the same problem, 1. my sitemap is blank, 2. unable to edit a form that has been lost during the upgrade... 3. my logo is missing. As for my logo, I can easily redo the code myself. But for the other issues, I hope I can resolve them quickly. I have a few clients who visit my site regularly.
DTW replied on at Permalink Reply
Not exactly sure what got my sitemap working again?

Here's the list of things I did.

Cleared the cache in Sitewide Settings a couple of times. Disabled and enabled cache a few times. The last thing I did was clear my browsers cache.

Now I am able to see the sitemap.

I still have to fix my logo and a form that has been goofed up.

I'm still a big fan of C5, I understand the bugs are still being worked out, I hope future upgrades will be faster.