8.2.1 install - install process does not load.

Environment: Linux Mint 18.2, PHP 7.0, NGINX. All on local server. Using 'localhost'.

Download, unzip, etc concrete5-8.2.1.
Chmod www-data on 'document directory', etc

Set NGINX 'default.conf' to point to the 'document' directory.

In the browser point to 'localhost'. I get a 404 and the input changes from 'localhost' to 'localhost/index.php/install'. A check with the browser debugger shows the original 'GET /' then a 'GET install'.

If i corrupt the 'document' directory index.php file 'require concrete/dispatcher.php' I get an error in the nginx error.log complaining about the process not finding files. So I am hitting the correct index file.

I have reviewed numerous tutorial on installing concrete5 on Linux-mint-nginx but can find nothing that helps.

Any help appreciated. Where to look, etc....


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CMSDeveloper replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply

Just read this please:
iru replied on at Permalink Reply

I tried both links.

I got a 404 on the first and a 'not found' on the second.