adding functionality

I have added a few add ons to my site and assigned them to the project but I cannot get them to show up for use. What am I not doing properly.
Thanks for the help.

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rockface replied on at Permalink Reply
Is your site connected to the C5 community?

It should say "Your site is currently connected to the concrete5 community" on the bottom of the "Dashboard > Extend concrete5" page.

This page also shows you a link to your project page on c5's website.
Click it to see what add-ons you have defined for your site.
creativeconcepts replied on at Permalink Reply
Yes it is. When I go to the project page, there are all the addons that I have chosen, but when I actually go to add something, like a certain gallery or slider, they do not show up as choices and they do not show on the list of things installed.
simon8or replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm getting the same thing. Whether I install from the project page or manually, non of the add-ons that I assigned a license show up in the "Awaiting Installation". Why is this such a pain?? Makes me want to go back to Wordpress (another pain).

Does anyone have an idea why the functionality items are not showing up???