An image could not be created from the given input (on install)

I am trying to install on a webspace hosted by

It has failed to install concrete5 - I have cleared every thing from the directory twice and started from scratch but the error still persists "An image could not be created from the given input"
The full error output is included in the JPG attached.

I am new to concrete5 and this is the first time i have tried to use it. So if I am doing something obviosly wrong then apologies. But I have tried 123-reg and all they can tell me is its the "code" !


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A3020 replied on at Permalink Reply
Does your PHP build support PNG?
mmurray replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you for talking the time to respond to this.
I have moved on to another product as.....

I was intending to use Concrete5 for a business site and I am afraid the support from Concrete5 is just not up to supporting it. You are the first person to answer this since I posted in in late November and if I had a business running on this it would be chaos.
Disappointing as it looked to have promise but if support is not there its as good as useless.

Thanks again.

ketaz replied on at Permalink Reply
This seems to be a frequent yet unaddressed bug, see

Malcolm, you were right to opt for something else for a production site, the 5.7 branch is far from production-ready and the responsiveness of both community and core team sucks ;-[]/
ianhoyte replied on at Permalink Reply
Somewhat related, although a bit different. Leaving this here in case anyone else runs into problems uploading SVG to the file manager.

Seems as though restricting the image size (restrict_uploaded_image_sizes) in your config file's file manager settings breaks ability to upload SVG images.

I set this to false and all seems well.