"No input file specified." after site transfer to GoDaddy

I just rerouted DNS numbers from a Beta site and was ready to migrate to the new host for a client. We changed the DNS numbers from the Beta to match the new server numbers and waited for 24 hours.

Cool right? So when typing in the URL for the transferred site I get to the login screen and all is great. The I type in the password and username, click enter, and come to a screen that says, "No input file specified." and that's it. All the databases have been moved and the config/site.php (not in the concrete folder) has been modified to reflect the new database's info.

I'm getting to the login screen so I know the DNS has worked, the site.php has been changed with the new settings, but cannot login or get to the dashboard. Pretty URL's weren't installed at all nor was the site placed into maintenance mode before transfer.

What can I do? Please help us!

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Mnkras replied on at Permalink Reply
thats usually a pretty url thing, but check that the PATH_INFO is set,

make a file like
info.php and put this in it

<?php phpinfo() ?>

then visit info.php/random
and search path_info,
if adding /random shows nothing, then the server does not have PATH_INFO enabled
scalait replied on at Permalink Reply
we had the same problems (running PHP in FastCGI mode).

You have to make sure that the PHP config variable "doc_root" is set!

Otherwise the default .htaccess file from concrete5 does not work in FastCGI mode.

But it's more a PHP configuration problem, then a c5 problem.
mayauribe replied on at Permalink Reply
How did you change the DNS settings? I need to change to weebly instead of concrete5 and I can't figure out how to get the area to do that. Please help! Thanks