ASP Style Tags Disabled - Install concrete5 Version

Hi I have downloaded the latest version of conrete5 and uploaded it via FTP- filezilla program in a www root directory, bit i am stuck with this error:

ASP Style Tags Disabled. I do not have the faintest clue on what is mean neither what to do with it, i have searched for it, and found solution but not to my problem.

What does it mean, and how do i enable it? or what am I suppose to do about it, to get it working :)

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Dafnir25 replied on at Permalink Reply
The site is hosted on if this helps :)

And there where a Wordpress installation beforehand, it has ben moved via FTP and replaced with Conrete5, have not done anything with the DB except make a backup..
MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Hi Dafnir25,

The install checklist is checking to make sure that ASP Style Tags are disabled in php.ini.

This is the setting to disable them:
; Allow ASP-style <% %> tags.

I am looking around on your web host's site to see how to disable it without much luck.

I would recommend e-mailing your host to ask them how to disable it.
Dafnir25 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi MrKDilkington

Thanks for the quick answer :)

I have forwarded the request to them, if I get the answer i will post it in here so it can help anyone else who has this problem.

Thanks it was very helpfull.
I will return if i need more help.

And have a great christmass.
MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply
Excellent, posting follow ups to see if a problem is solved is very helpful to others.

Thank you, same to you.
Dafnir25 replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
Hey Again :)

Se the problem in the attached image.

Okay on Dandomain the solution was as follows.

In your FTP (Filezilla) that i am using you need to show hidden files, "Server -> show hidden"

If there is not a .htacess file create one and add this line in it:
php_flag asp_tags off

Safe it a upload it in the same folder as the actual site (this case www, root folder of site)

And voila you should now be able to install it without further problems..

If not contact the host and send the picture and the possible solution mentioned here.

Good luck