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Until now, I've always used 000webhost. My projects were all wordpress or plain HTML. Now I have nothing but problems, I tried copying over a locally built concrete5 site and it ran out of memory loading any page. I figured I could try from a fresh install and add the content after the fact, but it ran out of memory during the install as well. Now I'm just looking for a good free webhost to replace 000webhost. anyone have any suggestions?

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garyjhills replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Yes, you will more than likely always run into problems with free hosts - It's free what do you expect? Shell out some money and buy a cheap hosting account somewhere. It really doesn't cost very much nowadays and you will at least be entitled to some support when you do get problems!!
rritz replied on at Permalink Reply
I am running a page on Servers Free:


It works fine, just a little bit slower than a paid server and from time to time when in filezilla the connection times out but everything else just works well.
Another one I can recommend is

And this is the page: