Blank Screen After Upload to Host

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Hello people.

I have encountered the dreaded "blank screen" issue after loading a site from my local host to my client's target host (


Being a concrete5 "newbie", I read many of the forums and the concrete5 Documentation, and used the concrete5 documetation page entitled "Moving a Site" as my guide (refer to

The site was developed on my localhost using Bitnami concrete5 running under Windows 7.

I changed all settings in the "Cache & Speed Settings" to "off" status before the upload.

I used phpMyAdmin at both ends to export and import the site files from the concrete5/htdocs folder on my localhost to the target host.

There is no sitemap.xml, and the .htaccess file is empty on both my localhost and the target host. Other than that, all files transferred appear to be present.

Initially, testing of the site on the target host produced a "cannot connect to database" error message.

I contacted the target host's helpdesk, and the support person there:

(a) Commented that Concrete5 was not one of their regularly supported CMS's (they "specialise" in Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla);

(b) Added a test program (mysqltest.php) to my uploaded site's root folder ( This program displays a simple form to allow entry of the database connection details, and;

(c) Commented that the .htaccess file is empty (as it is on my localhost).

We then ran the test program at both ends. The support person reported that the connection was successful at the host end, but it again displayed the "cannot connect to database" message on my browser (Google Chrome).

Upon retrying this (approximately 20 minutes later) the database connection appeared to work, and a full list of tables was displayed by the test program.



Attempts to browse the site produce a blank page.

Attempts to browse the source HTML show one blank line.



Is anyone able to help me to resolve this issue, please? My client has been very patient until now, but after selling him on the virtues of concrete5, I do not want things to sour at this late stage.

Thanks people.

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mhawke replied on at Permalink Reply
Have you had a chance to look at the log files on the server?
cmerritt replied on at Permalink Reply

Have you checked that Westnet's server meets the minimum requirements for the version of C5 that you are using.
I have had clients with this white screen after they have updated C5 to a later version only to find that the server did not have a compatible version of php.

cmerritt replied on at Permalink Reply
sent pm
weyboat replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Bitnami Stack will probably have created all your database table names in lowercase, this is because it was installed using the Bitnami "Windows" installer and windows is lowercase table names tolerant.
You have migrated to a linux server which for Concrete5 requires the database table names to be "Capitalised".
I suspect that your linux server is also running with error reporting turned "Off", otherwise I think you may have seen other messages about this error (I could be wrong about this)
Anyway, check to see if your first table name is AreaPermissionAssignments and NOT areapermissionassignments
gordoweb replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks to all for your replies.

From each of your responses I managed to learn something, and consequently was able (finally) to get a simple site operational.

Your input was very much appreciated. Thanks once again.