Broken site after installing concrete5 v8.1.0 - critical error!

Hello all,

I just upgraded my concrete5 v8.0.3 site to v8.1.0. It is running the Stucco theme v2.0.0.

Unfortunately, whenever I visit my site now, I get the error:

Call to a member function getSize() on boolean

My website URL is, and I am not running any custom code, except changing the footer text.

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shaolinsteyr1 replied on at Permalink Reply

look at this thread and use the search function next time.

Meanwhile you can downgrade your website. Changing 8.1.0 to 8.0.3 in application/config/update.php would do the thing.
zaneweb replied on at Permalink Reply
I applied the changes in the thread you linked and it doesn't seem to have worked. However, reverting back to 8.0.3 has fixed the issue temporarily. Thank you for your help, however there is still an underlying problem that has not been fixed.