Can Anybody Offer a List of Necessary & Important c5 Add-Ons?

Howdy All.

Until today, I was a WIX website developer. Ha, ha! SO, this is the first day with my fresh new c5 installation on my PC (thanks to Bitnami's WAMP with c5 module).

MY QUESTION IS: OMG! What Add-Ons do I need? (My goal is to create a multi-category blog website.)

The selection and number of ADD-Ons is bewildering. I am totally lost.

Further complicating matters, I noticed that most Add-Ons say compatible with c5 5.6.x. Does that mean those particular Add-Ons won't work in c5 v5.7?

Can anybody help? Like, it is easy to find accurate lists of necessary WordPress plug-ins. But trying to find similar info for c5 is impossible.

Thank you very much to all and anybody for offering guidance.

Best, Preston

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MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi prston,

For a basic blog, concrete5 should have everything you need.

What version of concrete5 did you install?

If creating a new site, it is recommended to use concrete5 5.7. Installing the sample content is also recommended for new users. It provides a working demo site to explore and experiment with.

Add-ons for 5.6 do not work in 5.7. They are very similar, but incompatible versions.

I recommend learning the basics of concrete5 and seeing what the default features are. Once you get comfortable, and if you feel you need more features, then I would explore the 5.7 add-on section of the marketplace.

The Editors Guide is a great place to start.

The concrete5 YouTube channel also has very useful videos.
prston replied on at Permalink Reply
Howdy Mr.K,

Thank you for your swift and helpful reply.

Hopefully, I installed the latest version of c5. Since this is my very first DIY website, I decided to go the 'local host' method. I installed Bitnami WAMP on my PC. Then installed c5 from Bitnami directly. I finished that process only this morning.

Re: I need more than a simple blog.

MY GOAL IS to create a multi-blog site (or multiple-category website?).

The PERFECT multi-category blog website was built by the c5 CTO at: . His blog site displays PERFECTLY on mobile. Most c5 responsive templates don't do mobile nearly as well. THUS, my ambition is to replicate Andrew Embler's blog site.

Can you look at Andrew's website. Can the 'stock' c5 build that site IF the user doesn't know a lick of code? If not, can you tell me what Add-Ons might help me?

Re: v5.6.x Add-Ons are Incompatible! Thanks for the warning!

Wow, from v5.6 to v5.7 sounds like a MINOR version upgrade. I would have thought a new minor version would NOT have broken v5.6 add-ons. Thanks for telling me.

Re: Info Links! THANKS!
The lack of structured education for c5 is a big hurdle for noobs.

I think the biggest drawback with c5 compared to WordPress is the lack of coherent, structured training courses. and many others offer WP courses...but try to find a c5 course--hah! Not many blog articles about the new & improved v5.7.

Mr.K, thank you ever so much for your guidance. Happy holidays, sir.
MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply

The version of concrete5 installed can be checked on the Environment Information page.
Dashboard > System & Settings > Environment > Environment Information

The majority of the site looks to be default concrete5 features. The blog entry sidebar sections look to be custom code though. I will look into how to recreate the sidebar sections for release as a free add-on.

You are correct, the current naming of 5.6 and 5.7 does not reflect "semantic versioning" and that 5.7 has breaking changes. The next version of concrete5 will be "concrete5 version 8.0" and not 5.8.

With time, there will be more structured training and expanded documentation. It is hard to compare concrete5 with WordPress. WordPress has a much larger community and install base compared to all other content management systems. Popularity doesn't necessarily equate to a better product, but it does mean far more news, tutorials, videos, and books about it.
prston replied on at Permalink Reply
Outstanding Reply...thank you! And another Question, please

I tried WP first. Then c5.

I felt c5 is much more intuitive and user-friendly. But WP does have a massive community with tremendous support for users of all skill levels. Whereas c5 has little support for the 'layman'. Thus, c5 remains a Pro Developer tool instead of a CMS for the People...which is a pity...because I think if more regular folks used c5, they would leave WP. HOWEVER, so long as education, templates, and other support remain very limited for ordinary users, c5 will be another great technology that won't receive the mass acclaim it deserves.

I think the c5 Devo community has done a poor job of presenting their better mousetrap to the world. For instance, nobody produced an Essential c5 Add-on List yet...which are numerous in WP World.

Oh, concrete5 doesn't really mean version 5.x? The '5' is only a part of the 'brand' name? So it is really concrete5 v7? If so, c5.7 is a weird way of naming a v7. Regular folks would think major v5 at minor x.7

My new question regarding Add-Ons.

I noticed 5-Packs offered for Add-Ons. I don't understand that.
If I buy one add-on and then build two PERSONAL websites (which means two independent c5 installations), can I use the one add-on for both sites? Or must I buy an add-on for each c5 installation?

Sir, I really appreciate your answers. Thank you very much.
PineCreativeLabs replied on at Permalink Reply
I've been using Concrete almost exclusively since 2009. Concrete is a "build anything" type of CMS, and is my primary choice for all projects.

As far an essential addon list goes - that really depends on the project itself. There are two versions of Concrete: 5.6 (Legacy), and 5.7 (intended for new sites).

Also, there is now a migration tool available for upgrading from 5.6 to 5.7.

Anyway, I have always included these addons (or similar) with every project, as I consider them essential:

LEGACY (5.6):
- Login:
- Expand / Collapse:
- Designer Content:
- Traffic & Statistics:
- Add Multiple Pages:
- Social Feed:
- Global Areas:
- Example FAQ:
- Facebook Opengraph Tags:
- SEO Analyzer Pro:
- Clear Cache:
- Extended Content:
- Wall Gallery Suite:

For 5.7:
- Under Construction:
- Login/Logout Link:
- Icons for Redactor:
- Login Block:
- EZ Paypal:

As for the 5-packs, those are discounts for getting 5 licenses. It's ideal if you are managing many projects, and need to assign a license to 5 (or more).

Hope this helps.
prston replied on at Permalink Reply
THANK YOU, PineCreativeLabs, for your list of Essential C5 Add-Ons. That was very helpful...because I would not have found or chosen them on my own.

Though a total beginner, I AGREE with your preference for c5.
I tried a taste of WordPress first. C5 is definitely more intuitive for the beginner. And I think if more beginners tried c5, they would pick it too. However, the lack of c5 courses, educational material, and c5.7 templates is a big obstacle for beginners.

*** IDEA: You should post a blog article providing your list of Essential Add-Ons. It would have the advantage of not only being very useful for beginners but loved by Google as ORIGINAL content. :-)
MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply

One of the reasons you don't see essential add-on lists is that concrete5 includes most of the features users would need out of the box.

Add-on licenses are per site.
prston replied on at Permalink Reply
Mr.K. -- THANK YOU for your several keen insights!
If what you say is accurate, then you pointed out another big advantage of c5 over WordPress.

I think WP beginners are almost compelled to buy a few particular Plug-Ins in order to make WP more well as more functional for their needs. It would be outstanding if the 'stock' c5 works well for beginners without the need to immediately buy Add-Ons.

I will follow your advice by learning the 'stock' c5 before going on a Add-On buying spree (especially since it seems that many Add-Ons are not yet updated for v5.7).

Thank you again for your time and good answers.
mnakalay replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello, I sent you a PM (Private Message). I hope you find it helpful