Can I reinstall concrete5 to a new location, but use an exising database?

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I first installed concrete5 to a subfolder (like '/concrete5) on my dreamhost server as it was only one of the several CMS systems I tried. Now my intention is to reinstall concrete5 to the root path, but linking it to the same database (I already added my site's content while evaluating the cms).

I made the reinstallation with some sort of one-click-installer and now when I open my site in a web browser I get concrete5's "Install concrete" page. Here's where the problem begins: when I enter the exsiting database's name and user/pass to the field, I get a message that I should install Concrete5 to an empty database..

Can I somehow manually install it to use the existing database? I already deleted the earlier installation of course. This is not a huge disaster because I can always re-enter the content, but that takes some time..


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pvernaglia replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Do the installation with a new database name and un-tick the box that asks if you want to install sample content. That should give you a new installation, an empty C5 site.

Then edit config/site.php and change the database info to your old database, That should get you back to where you were with your original install. You probably won't be able to log in so use the forgot my password field on the log in page and the site will email you a link to enter a new password
kkilpi replied on at Permalink Reply
This worked for me. Thanks! However all images seem to be missing.
pvernaglia replied on at Permalink Reply
You need to copy or upload your old files directory to the new installation
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
As shadowcomputers noted, you will also need to either copy or move everything in the files folder to the equivalent folder at your new location (that is where your images are stored).
adajad replied on at Permalink Reply
So basically, if you have MySQL backup set up and a backup copy of the C5 file structure, you should be able to quickly get your site up and running again if you have a hardware breakdown?

I'm just asking, because I just started thinking about what I should do in case of a disaster of some kind..
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
Images and files are stored in the files folder. So a complete backup/recreate is a combination of:

a) A zip of the entire directory structure, with everything except the files folder (done when site created and whenever a package is updated)

b) A zip of the files directory (done regularly if images etc are changing)

c) A mySql dump of the databse (possible through the C5 dashboard for small sites, but more reliable via phpMyAdmin for larger sites) (done regularly)

With a-c above, any C5 site can be backed up, moved and recreated. Though beware of database table case if moving a site from windows to linux.

a & b could be combined, but I find it easier to think of them as separate zips.

Also see
pvernaglia replied on at Permalink Reply
if you have a backup of any of the root folders you have added files to, blocks, config, controllers, files, packages, themes (those are the likely ones) and a backup of the database you can always do a new install and restore the site.
shadowcomputers replied on at Permalink Reply
If you are connecting a fresh install with an exisiting database you might get issues with things like the file manager and other add-ons and themes you might have installed.

Can you not move all the files down to the root level from your sub-folder and then change your C5 config file to go to the root?
pvernaglia replied on at Permalink Reply
True, he would need to upload anything he had in packages, themes, blocks, files in order for them to work right again, unless he was just using the core blocks