Can I use One Click to install concrete5 to an Addon Domain?

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As I am new to concrete5 I am a bit wary of doing a manual install of concrete 5 into my addon domain on bluehost. I would prefer a one click install, but I don't want to break the primary site, which is also built with concrete5.

After action report - install concrete5 on an addon domain:
- I am using bluehost. When you create an addon domain, a subfolder with its name is created in your public root.
- Download the latest concrete5 to your desktop (make sure it is 5.6 until all themes and addons you need are available on 5.7), extract it locally and then FTP everything inside the concrete folder to the subfolder for your addon domain.
- Use either the bluehost admin account or a ftp account which has access to the addon domain folder. The ftping can take a while, don't panic. Your desktop firewall might block something, watch out for that.
- "Create a new MySQL database and a MySQL user account with full permissions on the database.": Seriously how much help is that line in the documentation, if you worked for me that would be worth at least a 'clown of the week' nomination. On bluehost go to the cpanel look for the MYSQL icon (towards the bottom) and use that to create any additional databases, then create a user and link that user to the DB of choice.

Write down all the passwords!

- After that go to your addon URL and voila there should be a concrete5 installation screen. Now follow the instructions and you should be OK.


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enlil replied on at Permalink Reply
You can install it in a subfolder of your main site and then create a redirect thru bluehost to direct the domain name to the subfolder
jsammer replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for your reply. You mean manual install or 1-click into a folder? The domain already points to the folder, it looks like bluehost do that when you create the addon domain.

I am totally new to php, any files which could be overwritten in the public root I have to watch out for?

enlil replied on at Permalink Reply
Be sure your new add on domain points to a sub folder of your main site and then yes you can one click install to that folder no problem by selecting where you want the install to be.
jsammer replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks! I went down the manual install route this morning. I got there in the end after a bit of head scratching.

I will add some additional explanation to my post, in case other newbies have similar questions.

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