Can the database backup tell me which add-ons were installed

Hi all, I am trying to restore a failed server move and although I have a full backup of the server home directory including the html folder and the mysql. I had to clean re-install the version of concrete which was origionally installed whenever I try to restore the DB, I am receiving error messages. I think that it maybe because there were some items in the packages directory (also copied via ftp) which were not installed when the backups were taken. My question is, is there a way to find out which packages were installed when the database backup was taken and therefore giving me some way of working out which package (from the packages directory) needs to be installed again before I restore the database. Hope my ramblings make sense to somebody on this forum. Thanks

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hostco replied on at Permalink Reply
Use phpmyadmin, if available, to view the database tables.

Most add-ons create a table named something close to its actual name.

For example our Bootstrap Image Gallery add-on creates a table named "btBootstrapImageGallery"

It may also be helpful to install a clean version of concrete5 somewhere else so you can see what a clean database looks like before any add-ons have been installed.

When comparing, if you see a table name that does not exist in the clean concrete5 database, and the name is missing from the /packages directory, this is more then likely the missing add-on.
ScottC replied on at Permalink Reply
yep. Look under the Packages table definitions and content.