Cannot edit user's email address


I've found on my site that I cannot edit a user's email address. When I edit the user and change their email, and then click "Update User", it takes me back to the User Search page and nothing was modified. I even went to the lengths of turning the general log on in MySQL and found that no UPDATE statements are issued. I've tried this with both the main admin account, and my own account that is set up as an Administrator.

Any ideas?

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AncaV replied on at Permalink Reply
Can you check the apache errors log too to see if there are any errors there?
ryanmerrell replied on at Permalink Reply
Nothing in the Apache error log and nothing in the Concrete5 log.
ryanmerrell replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Using Chrome's dev tools, I inspected the network log when this happened. I found that the POST was posting to, but then getting a 301 redirect to (with a slash after search). When the redirect occurs, it is making a GET request, so all POST data is discarded. It narrowed it down to an .htaccess rule we had to add trailing slashes. I still have yet to implement a permanent solution, but I found that if I removed the trailing slash rule, the POST action works, and the user data is updated as expected.

Thanks for the suggestions.
enlil replied on at Permalink Reply
what version are you using? Are you able to edit it from the dashboard?
ryanmerrell replied on at Permalink Reply

The dashboard is where I'm doing it from. Dashboard > Members > Search Users. From their, I find a user, and edit the user, but no changes to the email address stick.