Cannot login to dashboard


I've checked through the forum and there are many similar problems but I can't seem to find one that directly relates to what is happening with what I'm experiencing here.

I've uploaded all the htdocs from the dev site to live site.
I've transferred all the db contents by dumping from dev and importing into old.

I've cleared all the cache files from files/cache.

I can see all the front pages find but when I try and log in to dashboard using the same admin user and password as on the dev site then it would just redirect me back to the login again. If I entered a wrong user or pass then I would get the error message come up, but with the correct login details it just keeps redirecting back to the login page. I've reset the password several times, every time I enter the new password it redirects me back to the home page but without any of the dashboard panel buttons at the top. When I try and subsequently login via the dashboard login it always does the same, it will accept it (ie, it won't give a login error) but it simply just keeps redirecting back to the login page.

I'm using Fatcow hosting ( and when I check the error logs it seems that nothing is written there so I have no idea what the problem could be.

Can anybody help?

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larsnieuwenhuizen replied on at Permalink Reply
I had a similar issue. My problem was a server specific session issue but maybe it'll work for you to.
In the file: concrete/startup/session.php

comment line 21

Let me know.
millo replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for the response. I commented that file and uploaded but it didn't change. Still redirects to login :-(
bajanreece replied on at Permalink Reply
this answer saved my bacon! big thanks!!
millo replied on at Permalink Reply
I've just figured out that when logging in if I click on 'remember me' then it will allow access. Just making note of this in case anyone else comes across this problem and if anyone knows why this might be happening / what this means?
njordan1982 replied on at Permalink Reply
I've had the same problem with concrete since the after version 5.4.1.
I have also noticed that if i use a different browser than Internet Explorer it does not do that. Also when logging into i have the same issue which makes me believe its possible that it is a concrete issue. I'm pretty sure that the website is on their cms.
millo replied on at Permalink Reply
Perhaps. I never use IE so I don't know if it occurred with IE. I was using chrome. For the moment I'm logging in and making sure that I have that checkbox checked. Hopefully someone will find the bug and correct.
njordan1982 replied on at Permalink Reply
i've had this problem with other browsers firefox and chrome. When this happens i switch browsers and it usually helps for the time being. This time it was with IE so i switched to opera and did not have an issue with opera. Still i'd like to know how to fix it.
driordan replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you for this tip. I was going nuts not being able to get past the login page. Who would have thought?
shaune23 replied on at Permalink Reply
I get this same problem. I login and simply get redirected to my normal website. No dashboard.
nige replied on at Permalink Reply
Me too!
nicolechung replied on at Permalink Reply
I had similar problems and the following fixed it.

1. deleted contents of files/cache (but saved the index.html inside that folder).

2. Deleted cookies in my browser for that particular site (if you are a lucky you are using a browser where you can delete the cookies just for that particular site).

3. Went in to the **parent** page where the "edit" wasn't appearing and checked my *sub-page* permissions to make sure my user had edit permissions for that particular page, i.e. something like

--home page -- go here and check sub-page permissions for "my-subpage"
-- sub-page --> check the permissions on the home page for "sub-page" permissions.