"Cannot redeclare class PackageName" on installing packages


I'm trying very hard to install some basic packages, such as multilingual and background_image.

I tried to install the latest Concrete5 on both CentOS and Mac, they both gave me "Cannot redeclare class" Error on the report page when I try to install the packages. I tried to rename the package, it gave me the same error. I searched the whole folder but cannot find the same name with the packages.

It seems to happen to any package, whatever I try to put into the packages/ and it will return the same error; even on different platforms.

Can someone shed some light about this? I desperately need the multi-lingual and background image plugin. Thank you very much.

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kieranrushby replied on at Permalink Reply
I so had this error too and it has completely forgotten why and what I did! I know that doesn't help but at least you know I will be pulling my hair out trying to remember.
alan12341234 replied on at Permalink Reply
Wish I can get you better hair strength!
I desperately want to install packages. Thanks so much for your help.
mesuva replied on at Permalink Reply
When you say 'latest', do you mean 5.7 or the latest 5.6 version?
alan12341234 replied on at Permalink Reply
mesuva replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
That explains the issues you are facing.

In short, 5.7 is so brand new that add-ons simply haven't been updated to be compatible yet. You're trying to install add-ons for 5.6 into 5.7, so they're not compatible.

It's a bit of a tricky transitional time at the moment, as it's natural to want to use the 'latest and greatest' version of something, but it will take a while for developers to update their add-ons (and there's no guarantee that they will).

I'm planning to use 5.6 still for new projects for quite some time, until 5.7 matures a bit more. 5.6 has also just had an update as well, making it even more stable. If 5.6 has all the features and plugins you need, I'd actually suggest using that for your project.