Can't change database name?

I've added a second installation in order to do upgrade testing as I'm currently on and am looking to upgrade to the latest version and make sure my site will still work, but I can't seem to find any way to point the installation to the copy of the production database, haven't had any luck searching for a solution - the only information I could dig up related to an old version where an edit was made to database.php which does not work in the current version. Any tips?

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MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply

To mirror your live site, I believe you just need a copy of your live site's files and an export of the database.
- create a new database
- import the database export into the new database
- in your copied site files, open database.php, and change the database value to the name of the new database

I recommend reviewing the documentation for more detail.
EMRA replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you! Apparently I was looking at the wrong database.php (under concrete/config instead of application/config)