Can't sign in anymore after changing the default admin login data

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Hi folks,

are there any serious bugs in the new C5 version?

After changing the default admin data, I can't sign in anymore. C5 is denying me access to my backend.

It simply says:

Invaldi username or password.

It's now the 3rd time that I had to completely reinstall C5. First time I thought that I made some mistake or sth, but 2nd time I followed every step I did, and ended up the same way as before.

I've recently finished my 3rd installation. This time I had the idea to create another admin user and signing in w/a 2nd browser using the new data I have created.

But even with this new admin user I can't sign in.

I tried to reset data and sending myself an email.

Strange issue here - the email address of my default user isn't accepted, though it is exactly the address that C5 has saved in the admin database. I have no clue why this is?

Funny enough, the email address of my new admin user is accepted, but in this case C5 doesn't send me any email.

So what to do? Any clues, any help?

I'd highly appreciate your help! Thank you! :-)

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hanshan replied on at Permalink Reply
Ok, no help here? Too sad! :-(((

Well, I think this is it? Isn't it?

Changing the CMS.

The first time I ran into C5 it was like - wow! What a great CMS.

I then spend a lot of time experimenting w/it and I became even more impressed due to it's great functionality, its easy way to layout sites.

I then decided to change my webserver. I had apache running and wanted to check out nginx.

Setting up again my site then, totally motivated, and hungry to kick ass w/my new C5 CMS I immediately ran into this trouble w/the login failure.

First time I thought, maybe it was my fault. Maybe I did sth wrong, but 3 installations later, I had to recognize, it has to do w/C5 itself.

There was another guy here, posting his issues with login failures. He left his website address in his thread. I checked it out, curious how he did handle this problem.

What can I say, you wanna know, how he handled it? Well, he has meanwhile changed to Drupal.

Wow, so this is the solution?

I also checked the 'Can't login' link here in this forum:

Seriously, this isn't a solution, is it? You want me to hack my database and reset password this way?

And what if sign in fails next time? And next next time?

I need a stable CMS. I need reliablility. Obviously C5 can't afford me this. At least, since C5 was coming up w/ this new version.

Another point here is, you don't find that much help for Nginx users. Neither in the C5 forum, nor on the nginx site. Check out WP, mediawiki, Drupal - even Modx. You find fully commented vhost confs. Check out for a C5 vhost conf - nothing!

So this is a high risk for me too, when trusting C5. What if I run into new issues? Can I expect help, can I fix it myself?

Check out other CMS forums. You get great help there. Many problems are documented over and over. You find solutions with little effort. I mean this is an important point you have to keep in mind, when deciding which CMS to take, right?

I don't wanna say help here isn't good, but now I stick in this login trouble and I really desperated meanwhile.

Today I wanted to start creating my pages, but I can't sign it. Maybe it's a sign. I still haven't wasted my time. Guess how it feels, when you can't log in anymore, after you have created 1000s of website. :-(

Well, ok folks. Enough talked. This is it. Thanks for reading, I will move, too.

Maybe MODx, seems more stable, plus, you get more help there! No offense!

jgallardoh replied on at Permalink Reply
Did you solve the problem?,
I had the same problem but can solve it.

Need to be Site Admin, and has access to phpmyadmin.
See in you DB master and check the USERS Table.
There u can modify the Mail and finally you can login.

Good Luck.
AccountDisabled replied on at Permalink Reply
Sorry you had a frustrating time.

For anyone else locked out of their admin account check out Concrete5 Instant Admin at

Creates a new admin account for you so you don't have to do any salting, database hacking or anything else.

ckwill90 replied on at Permalink Reply
This saved me. Thank you!!
mattvin replied on at Permalink Reply
A real lifesaver. Thank you so much, I was about to feel like the hanshan till I read to the end of the thread. Couldn't figure out why I couldn't bypass this issue.

Thanks again bud!