change of rimary domain name for site

Is there a way to change the main domain name?
On my site Concrete is installed in the root, but uses Now the has become available I want that to be the main domain.

Any help appreciated


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ScottSandbakken replied on at Permalink Reply
In the [root]/config/site.php file, add this line
define('BASE_URL', ''); // Force site to use this base url
MattWaters replied on at Permalink Reply
Once David's purchased the new domain name, pointed it at the correct nameservers specified by his web host, and set up the new address as a "parked domain" in his web host's control panel (cPanel, Plesk, etc) the concrete5 site should render pages at the new domain AND the old one as well.

BASE_URL is typically used when you want concrete5 to enforce a particular URL-- for instance you have traffic coming in at both and but you want pages to always have "www" in the URL.

One could use it to redirect incoming traffic to the new version of the domain if desired, but as mentioned above you'd need to get it correctly pointed at the web hosting space first in order for it to work.
DAVid35n replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Thanks a lot this worked fine
The hosting company has now changed the primary domain to and parked and redirected the

However I had to remove 3 redirecting lines from my .htaccess file first. Otherwise it did not work.

So thats great. It all came about because of some difficult web company refusing us access to the ftp for the site as we were developing a new site for a customer and they were losing the business.