Class 'View' not found on Installation

I'm using SimpleScripts via BlueHost to try to install Concrete5 on a fresh server

Every time I attempt to install it I get:
[27-Oct-2012 18:05:38] PHP Fatal error:  Class 'View' not found in /home3/stonesi4/public_html/concrete/core/libraries/loader.php on line 251
[27-Oct-2012 18:07:11] PHP Fatal error:  Class 'View' not found in /home3/stonesi4/public_html/concrete/core/libraries/loader.php on line 251

I tried, after several attempts, to make the database ahead of time and then use that db info. That didn't help any. This is on the default server I got from my host, using the default settings on the simplscripts installer, so it seems like an odd thing to go awry.

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andy17 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello miedvied,

I just had the same problem. I found the thread below and it helped me solve the issue.

Basically this error should mean that you have an error in your database setup of some sort. It could for instance be incorrect login details, wrong database name or perhaps even a PHP configuration error. I do, however, doubt that the last is an issue if you are on a shared host, but my own problem was an incorrect path to mysql.sock in php.ini.

Anyways, I suggest that you double check your database details and configuration.

Good luck!
miedvied replied on at Permalink Reply
I guess what wasn't clear to me, since I'm using simplescripts, is whether hunting down the site.php and modifying it to a proper DB is all I need to do - or whether I end up needing to re-install? Because if it's not done installing the first time around, I wouldn't know how to go about it, via SS.

I'm also a litlte surprised the DB info is wrong, since I explicitly gave it permission to create a new db during the install.

edit: I also went ahead and found the site.php file, and created a db user, etc. to match it. Having done so hasn't changed anything.