CometChat installed fine but not working.

I installed CometChat fine and it displays on the page and appears to work but it does not display any online users. No matter who is logged into our site, it always shows 0 online users. I have it set up to allow any logged in users to chat but for some reason it can't see anyone is logged in.

Any thoughts??

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Mnkras replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Please Go to the addon's page and click support.
gtrhough replied on at Permalink Reply
This add-on was purchased through another site so your site won't let me see the support. Can you still help me??
Mnkras replied on at Permalink Reply
Where did you purchase it from?
if you purchased it from CometChat's site contact Frz (username)
MattWaters replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi gtrhough,

A new version of this add-on was just released that hopefully will address this problem. While we've given the code a review and done some testing, please keep in mind that we've transitioned support over to the developer of the add-on, and expect their team to address support issues.

It should also be noted that this version also requires you to run the following script after you install the update:

We've asked the developer to add any relevant notes and documentation relating to the new 2.0.3 release, so stay tuned.

Since it sounds like you purchased the add-on from somewhere else, I guess you'll need to contact CometChat themselves-- or whomever you purchased it from-- to obtain the new source code.

You might want to send a private message to the developer through our site if you're stumped.

best wishes,

concrete5 Team