Community Store addon help with site move

I don't know where else to ask this. I'm trying to move a Concrete5 site with Community Store addon I need to convert the mysql table names to CamelCase from all lower case for CommunityStore. How do I do this? Manually one by one? There is 42 of them.

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mesuva replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm not quite sure what tables would not be present in, and I'm only counting 37, but you could try something like this SQL command (obviously backup first):
RENAME TABLE btcommunitystoreproduct TO btCommunityStoreProduct;
RENAME TABLE btcommunitystoreproductlist TO btCommunityStoreProductList;
RENAME TABLE btcommunitystoreproductlistgroups TO btCommunityStoreProductListGroups;
RENAME TABLE communitystoredigitalfiles TO CommunityStoreDigitalFiles;
RENAME TABLE communitystorediscountcodes TO CommunityStoreDiscountCodes;
RENAME TABLE communitystorediscountrules TO CommunityStoreDiscountRules;
RENAME TABLE communitystoreflatratemethods TO CommunityStoreFlatRateMethods;
RENAME TABLE communitystorefreeshippingmethods TO CommunityStoreFreeShippingMethods;
RENAME TABLE communitystoregroups TO CommunityStoreGroups;
RENAME TABLE communitystoreorderattributekeyusergroups TO CommunityStoreOrderAttributeKeyUserGroups;
RENAME TABLE communitystoreorderattributekeys TO CommunityStoreOrderAttributeKeys;
RENAME TABLE communitystoreorderattributevalues TO CommunityStoreOrderAttributeValues;
RENAME TABLE communitystoreorderdiscounts TO CommunityStoreOrderDiscounts;
RENAME TABLE communitystoreorderitemdiscounts TO CommunityStoreOrderItemDiscounts;
RENAME TABLE communitystoreorderitemoptions TO CommunityStoreOrderItemOptions;
scottg12 replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks, that helps.