Concrete5 - (April 3, 2014) full install in 10 mins or less on localhost

Why the developers have not posted this in a sticky thread instead of having people waste nearly 24 hours solid research, failed installs die to hanging dashboards and other issues is totally beyond me. I could have dome plenty of other things with my time and saved me a lot of hassle. They are supposed to provide the information on their products are they not? Seems stupid that it has the potential to become a great CMS platform but their front end attention needs just as much attention to detail as does their backend in my opinion and no, I am not a coder, designer or anything else to do with websites.. however I.T Security, is another issue

Basic rules of install on Windows,

[1] disable UAC (Control Panel> Users> select and move slider;
[2] disable antivirus
[3] reboot PC
[4] go to and download
[5] install stack program and follow on-screen instructions
[6] re-enable UAC and AV
[7] restart PC
[8] start>all programs> bitnami concrete stack> concrete5 manager
[9] manager servers to make sure you have green lights
[10]select welcome tab and then click go to application
[11]access stack and kerching... no issues.

I do have Virtual (VM machine installed)[Windows Virtual PC] on my machine in case you do have any issues, you may need to install that but I suspect not. I have attached the 'exe' file direct from the link above should anyone have any issues or you can download it from my dropbox -

Good luck and have fun... I will after I catch up with everything else

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