Concrete5 Multiple Sites on GoDaddy Shared Hosting - Help!

As the title says, i have a Godaddy Shared Hosting account (Ultimate).

I have a number of sites i want to use with the shared hosting and have domains for all of them, all of which will be using Concrete5.

The Problem:
I cant seam to get a Concrete5 installation to work in a sub folder, Iv tried all sorts of .htaccess changes and tried this guide using symlinks:

I'm not sure if i have done, the part i was partly stuck on and not sure about was the part about the dispatcher file using marinio's process, so if anyone could give a more detailed little guide for that part it would be appreciated and would be the first step, if that dosnt work i dont know what else i could do :(

Can someone help me please?
Thank you in advanced for any help,

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jvansanten replied on at Permalink Reply
I don't host with GoDaddy. But you should be able to set, through CPanel, a subfolder to route a domain to.

What I find handy is to have one domain pointing to the account root. Then, you can test domains located in subfolders simply by adding the subfolder name.
hbcoding replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi, i already have the domains set to the subfolders
jvansanten replied on at Permalink Reply
What response do you get when you access domains in the subfolders? A Page Not Found (404) or other?

Perhaps a better question is, before you started modifying .htaccess and other parameters, what response led you to try those alternatives?
hbcoding replied on at Permalink Reply
Concrete5 loads successfully, but the 2nd installation page (where you enter all the database stuff) there is no CSS styling or images and even when entering all the information in correctly the next page is a 404. The URL backs up on its self naming the directory twice like this:

*Instead of this*

*Its like this*

the same with the url to all the images in page 2 of the installation when i look at the source.

Changing the .htaccess files was due to just trying to find a way that works
jvansanten replied on at Permalink Reply
Haven't run into that pattern before.

I think there's an issue of mapping between the domain DNS setting and the GoDaddy/CPanel configuration for that domain.

Why don't you create a ticket and have support diagnose that.

I'd remove the .htaccess file and any other mods you may have made, as that may throw a kink into the works.
hbcoding replied on at Permalink Reply
Ill open a ticket and see if they can resolve it and post here if i get it resolved, thanks for all your help so far :)

However If anyone has and fixes please post them for me and future readers with the same issue:)
hbcoding replied on at Permalink Reply
*This was the above post, it posted twice, sorry*
pvernaglia replied on at Permalink Reply
Godaddy shared hosting is problematic and usually terribly slow, after you pull enough hair out you will end up changing to another hosting company. Save yourself the aggravation, and move to another provider, is very good.
hbcoding replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi, im leaning towards going to hostgator as iv heard a lot about it, but if i change to them with this then work? will Concrete5 then work under sub folders and domains?

enlil replied on at Permalink Reply
I switched to blue host recently, before all the go daddy issues came about. Haven't had a single issue!
jvansanten replied on at Permalink Reply
I've had absolutely no problems with BlueHost regarding multiple sites in subfolders; and they have an understanding of C5, so that's helpful. There are other hosting groups that also have expertise in C5 that are noted here on the site.
rainmaker replied on at Permalink Reply

Here's the 411 on GoDaddy. This has been happening to me since July. GD has slowly but surely updating people's servers and when they update, they take away the ability to turn off the FastCGI. The FastCGI is what you turn off when the steps in the article you attached. It NEEDS to be turned off. We have several clients who are on GD and slowly but surely, they are moving away because GD won't provide a fix. They refuse to turn it off. In a couple of clients, a couple of people have been able to get through to them. There is a temporary fix that you can do to the htaccess file. Basically the issue is that file. Here's the thread with the answer: If you search for the user "anedix", they have the answer.

This will give you a temporary fix, but I do suggest just completely switching.

Hope that helps! Just letting you know that you aren't alone. :) I've had to work a couple of weekends thanks to GD.