Concrete5 unable to connect to database

Concrete5 is off to a very bad start in my test/comparison.

It keeps telling me that it is unable to connect to the database. the database, which is MySQL, runs on localhost and the connection works perfectly fine in both phpMyAdmin and the console. That leaves only Concrete5 on the list of suspects.

Where is the log that contains details because "Unable to connect to database" is a pretty useless error message as it can cover several things?

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mesuva replied on at Permalink Reply
- You are putting in the correct details for the connection, obvious, but check cases, you're not mis-reading fields, etc.
- Check that your database user has access to the database you are wanting to set concrete5 up on. Locally I just use the root mysql account for development
- Make sure you are just using the word 'localhost', not putting in anything else
- Check that you aren't running mysql on a non-default port (default is 3306)
- Instead of localhost, perhaps try instead

Might also be useful if you list what platform are you on.
Win/Mac/Linux? Are you using MAMP/WAMP,etc?
joequincy replied on at Permalink Reply
I was having this same problem. "localhost" does not appear to work, but switching to "" does in my case.

It also refused to work until I had a user with a password. "root";"" would not work, nor would "admin";"", but "admin";"admin" got me through the setup.

Win7 x64 WAMP (32 bit package): Apache 2.4.4, PHP 5.4.16, MySQL 5.6.12
nathanfriend replied on at Permalink Reply
Yep change localhost to worked for me.