Concrete5 v5.6.3.1 issues on Rackspace cloud site

I faced issues after installing v5.6.3.1 on rackspace cloud site

- Edit toolbar not showing on pages. Only shows occasionally.
- Respond time slow
- Each time i try to access a particular function (i.e add a new page), it shows "access denied". after refreshing the browser, the particular function works. This process seems to be happening for every function.

I have tested and installed in my own local and another hosting environment. Both work fine.

Please help.

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johnpaulb replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello kengohkh,

Setting C5 to display errors, may provide more detail into what is happening. Here is a guide I did on displaying/hiding errors:

You can also view PHP errors in the log. If rackspace uses cPanel, this guide may be helpful:

I hope this helps,